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Monday, September 05, 2005

a few more random thoughts

Just pondering a few more things...... it's been a weird day..
My son Drew lost his second tooth today... as in lost it... did he swallow it?? did it leave?? who knows.... either way.. I don't have a toonie to put under his pillow... will have to rob his piggy bank for a quarter to put under there.. lol.. not like he ever notices..

I got home saturday night after an 8 hour shift.. I had asked Matt to get done what he could to get us closer to ready to spray for the fleas... I got home and he's whining that he spent 3 hours folding laundry... Now get this.. now I know why men don't get anything done... he had ONE basket of laundry folded... which I put away for him.. cause I thought there was more... and after I did that .. I realize that in the 3 hours he folded laundry.. that was all he got done.. and ... in between folding shirts.. he watched a movie... that's men for you..

My cat has hidden her babies in the kids closet... where I can't reach them without moving either a dresser or a book shelf.. and one is back there mewing it's head off... it's on the wrong side of mommy... and I can't move it.... dumb cat.. really.. why can't cats just leave the babies in the nice birth box like the mommy dogs do???

Drew starts school in the morning... Just another example of how GOD provides for us.. One week ago I was totally stressed out.. we had no couch in our living room and no way of getting a new one any time soon... I had less than 200$ to spend on the kids for back to school.. would have been lucky to get them backpacks and crayons actually... and maybe one extra outfit each.. when Matt came home with a 120$ gift certificate for the mall.. he won an incentive thing at work... and then my wonderful children picked out the cheapest backpacks that Zellers had... which included lunch bags and pencil cases.. 9.99$ each.. and we ran into Drew's friend Alex's mom who works there.. and she helped us find some awsome deals on clothes for the kids.. I ended up with really nice button up shirts for under 5$ and jeans for under 8$ so that was good.. then pay came in and I had that money I originally had budgeted for school shopping.. I went to the other zellers.. figured I'd check out the clearance racks there too.. only to find that they were having a sale of 40% off kids jeans and 25% off kids apparel.. so I ended up having enough $$ to get the kids completely new wardrobes.. and socks.. and shoes.. and didn't bust the bank... and to top things off.. Matt's sister gave us a really nice couch set... She was getting a new one from her hubby for a birthday present and this one only needed one little spot sewn back together...where a seam had come open.. which took me 4 minutes and now you can't even tell.. Funny how I'm still stressed out about the car... when will I learn to just trust that it will all be taken care of.... I guess it would help if that car would just stop making NEW noises... fix one thing and another new noise starts... I'm seriously debating going back to just riding a bike.... and renting a car when I want to go places..

It took me hours today.. but I figured out how to add my friends blog sites to my links on the side here... you'd think there'd be more directions on that when you sign up... oh well.. good thing I don't mind messing with HTML :)

On the news today I found out that they are evacuating peoples pets from New Orleans today... and putting them up and doing what they can to reunite them with their owners... I started crying... I have been thinking for days about the little boy crying for his dog when they told him they couldn't bring it with him... I hope he gets his snowball back... I can't beleive there are still people refusing to leave... but when you take into account that a lot of them are staying because they won't leave their pets to die.. that's kind of heroic to me....

My plans for the rest of the night... are .. to .. eat some dinner.. try on the clothes my neighbour brought over for me.. and go to bed... blah.. it's time for early mornings again.. I can't wait for daylight savings time to hit... when I'll get off of work at 11pm instead of midnight... honestly it would make my life easier if Arizona could just switch time with us...


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