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Monday, September 05, 2005

A BLOG!!!!

Thought I'd start myself a little blog... since everyone else seems to be..

Feeling a bit sick today.. my nose is running.. We've been spending the last couple days trying to kill off the massive flea population in my house.. I guess that comes with 2 dogs and 2 cats and 5 kittens and a bunny... We spent all day yesterday cleaning and spraying and this morning.. what do I find on my dogs.. but more fleas.. guess more baths and Advantage for all..

The cleaning was mostly uneventful.. only a couple temper tantrums.. one smashed up keyboard.. and a broken jar.. It could have been worse.. I hate cleaning the basement..

There's still a mound of laundry to rival mount everest in the basement that needs folding.. and another even bigger that needs washing..

Today the kids seem intent on killing each other.. Joey fell head first off the couch this morning.. and for some reason Drew just hurt Joey in the basement... Matt's just sent him to bed.. ACK..

I've got a million projects to do.. My sewing club has a project to make a back to school outfit for my CPK.. I'm planning a little kilt outfit.. kinda like a little catholic school uniform.. but we'll see what I end up with.. Deadline for that is august 15th.. maybe I'll get that done this week with the kids at school.. Joey will be home.. but he likes watching me sew.. so that works out ok..

The kids start school this week.. tomorrow in fact.. It's kind of a weird idea that I'm going to have a few hours a day with no kids.. I haven't had kid free time since I had kids... Maybe my house will finally get clean.. Maybe I'll start taking a nap every day.. It's also kinda weird that my baby is starting kindergarten.. the teacher called this morning to let me know he has his first visit on the 12th.. and then she'll tell me when he can start coming in for classes.. staggered entry and all...

We're looking at expanding the vegetable garden for next year.. doubling it.. which isn't really that much.. it was pretty tiny to start with.. which didn't stop me from packing it as full as it could be and getting a really good haul of veggies from it.. I got enough tomatoes to make probably enough salsa for the year.. and green peppers.. The kids ate pretty much all the broccoli right off of the plants... didn't get to save any of that.. didn't see much of the strawberries either.. But I figure anything they eat out of the garden is healthy.. and one less thing they're eating out of my fridge.. a snack grown is a few pennies saved... and with the increase in gas prices.. food is gonna be expensive... I'm really thinking of growing a lot of my own for next summer.. and canning a lot more local stuff.. I'm gonna keep an eye out for more jars at the second hand stores this winter... I've almost used up all of them this year..

For the past 2 years I've had this fantasy of having a pressure canner. All the yummy things I could can with that.. Beans.. corn.. meat sauces.. yummy yummy. But I haven't been able to find one (much less in my price range) in the two years since I've wanted one.. Walmart had them for 80$ a couple years ago... but that was before I wanted one.. So I've been looking for years now... I mentioned to my mom that I was making tomato sauce the other day.. she mentioned pressure canning.. I mentioned I didn't have one but I want one.. She mentioned she has a spare that she doesn't use... and I could borrow it indefinitely.. I am so happy :) Next year I am going to can all of my veggies for winter.. :) YAY

My silly puppy Jack Jack has figured out how to get upstairs.. but he's too chicken to come back down.. so he gets stuck up there.. and I have to go rescue him all the time lol..

Matt has finally signed us up for satellite tv.. but we got a really great package.. less than 40$ a month for all the channels we watch.. which is killer awsome!!! I think the equipment ends up costing 1$ .. they charge you 49$ and credit back 48$ on install.. I am a bit worried about having the kids watch too much tv.. but we've told Drew that if his grades fall at all the satellite tv will only be in my bedroom....and they won't be watching it at all.. since they're not really supposed to go upstairs at all.. that is MY space.. kid free zone and all.. lol

Anyhoo... I gotta go bath some dogs..


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