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Friday, October 03, 2008

well.. it's october

So it's been a busy week and doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon. Justin is back in ontario, YAY! We're happy about that. Drew and Joey's principal called and wanted to sign them up for boys and girls club... so went and checked that out and they're signed up for that too now on top of scouts. Also found Archery and Gymnastics lessons for Drew. So he's got quite a busy schedule now. The only thing Joey wanted to sign up for there was hockey and it was the same night as scouts so he'll just have to live with playing hockey on tuesdays at boys and girls club instead. The boys and girls club is really awesome! They do guitar, hip hop, sports, crafts, snacks, and games with them all for 20$ a year! plus they pick them up from school! From what I understand they are going to drop them at home as well. I figure with winter coming it's going to be great for them as well because it's better than them sitting at home playing video games until supper time.
I've gone back on the flylady routine.. if you don't know what that is check out She helps me keep my house clean and my life organized. The whole premise is that you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. If I wasn't so darned tired today it would be a lot easier though.. that 15 minutes is asking a bit much this morning.
Tisha is still loving kindermusik. I'm hoping that I can find a way to get her into another class but the price is disgustingly high... it's about 180$ for 15 lessons... I'm just so glad we've had this set of classes for free but it makes me sad that I can't afford to keep taking her after the free sessions are over.
Drew goes for his first scouts camping trip tonight. Its so darned cold out I hope he's warm enough. It's funny because I've packed him MY big warm sleeping bag and two big sheepskins.. and I hope he'll be warm enough. His sleeping stuff alone is one garbage bag full.
I did a bit of christmas shopping.. same time as usual... I LOVE the zellers clearance on clearance stuff sale that happens each october. 40% off of the clearance prices of last years stock. I got Tisha a baby so real for 17$ (regularly 40$) !!!! and last years holiday barbie.. (on sale at winners for 29.99) for 7$ !!
I've discovered the joy of podcasts... so now my ipod is full of Dora, Diego, Sesame street, and flylady podcasts.
Anyway.. if you're busy trying to figure out what to get me for christmas... zehrs, cosco, and zellers gift cards are always a great idea :)
Guess I should post some pictures now...
Tisha and Scooby
I'm a good cook mommy
this is the cutest video EVER

tisha and celina having breakfast!


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