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Friday, May 26, 2006

well.. it's been a good day.. started off with me jumping out of bed early.. hit the bank and tim hortons.. came back..dropped matty at work.. took the kids to burger king for breakfast.. (mmmmm french toast sticks) Then actually got them to school on time.. Joey had a feild trip this morning (hence the early trip to the mall.. had to hit the bank for 3$) we went to the great canadian superstore.. I had planned on seeing if I could come along so waited around to hand the money to the teacher and ask her.. but before I asked her she asked me if I was coming.. OF COURSE! so I got to ride on the school bus with the kids. It was pretty fun tour.. they fed us all kinds of samples.. I got to try sushi for the first time.. at least now I know I haven't been missing anything.. didn't like it at all. The kids all ended up with a nice bag full of snack foods and off we went back home.. this time we got the super bouncy back seat!
We got back and me and joey decided to hit the second hand store to see if we could find a suit for Drew for his first communion (it's next weekend) and while we were there I picked out a pile of baby clothes..( I've been feeling like I'm neglecting getting ready for this one) figured I had spent about 90-100$ and decided now was the time to cash out before I spent my grocery budget.. (I had originally budgeted 100$ for Drew's suit.. but found nice dress pants and a dress shirt there for 20$) Cashed out only to find that they were having a 75% off sale.. so you guessed it.. 29.95! back to the shopping I went.. I discovered they have maternity clothes there.. and the added bonus is they have an 80% off clearance rack in the maternity section! so I spent another 20$ on that! Which will make up about half of my maternity wardrobe.. so that's a great savings over buying new.. for clothes I will wear for what? 3 months? I'm gonna need summer and winter ones.. grrrrr. so this works out good.
ONWARD to the grocery store! Went and did my shopping.. found out that the clearance meat this week was striploin grilling steak! 2.99/lb !!!! so I grabbed like 18 of them! We'll have a lot of steak in the next couple months! YAY BARBECUE! and I picked up a few things I knew I needed to try out a new curry recipe I've been wanting to try for ages. (you'd think curry woulda been one of the needed ones.. but nope)
Got home to realize I missed 3 spices.. so I hit the store on the corner.. it's run by pakistani's so I probably should have went there first. They had everything I needed.. and told me how to prepare the spices.. I woulda been in a major mess without their advice.. plus.. their prices were probably half of what the grocery store sells the same thing for.
So right now I've got curry chicken simmering for my lunch tomorrow.. and matty is grilling up some steaks for them.. and catfish for me! This day couldn't have gone better unless we had a cleaning fairy stop by while I was out and maybe enough time left for a nap.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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